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The Sodi World Series (SWS) is an international ranking of the top Sodi kart drivers in the world, with championship races held internationally. East Coast Karting is proud to participate as a partner track in the SWS Sprint CUP 2017. With 301 SWS official tracks worldwide, East Coast Karting is one of only 3 participating tracks in Canada. For more information on the Sodi World Series and to sign-up for FREE, visit their website (must be at least 16 years of age to sign-up.)


If you are interested in participating, you must sign-up as an SWS driver at and select East Coast Karting as the affiliated track. Throughout the season, we will host SWS races, for which registered drivers will earn SWS points. The schedule is available directly on the SWS website under East Coast Karting. To participate in an SWS race, participants must first register as an SWS driver with our track, then sign-up as a participant for the specific race on the Sodi World Series website. Afterwards, you can check out your performances and personal statistics, and compare your performance to your friends and drivers worldwide. 

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